Bitter buckwheat and diabetes

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Bitter buckwheat and diabetes
Patient's age: 60
Patient's gender: Male
The condition is described:
Blood glucose of the empty stomach: Normal urine candy now; Negative
Once treated situation and result:
The administration controls empty stomach blood glucose 5.6 now
Expect what kind of help it is:
Anyone say bitter buckwheat have function to lower blood glucose, I want, know bitter buckwheat suck how many grams it will be candy in the every 100?


How do you do: What patient's present empty stomach blood glucose is controlled is all right, diabetes is made a definite diagnosis of to the section hospital to treat regularly soon, do not propose blind oneself uses medicine. The treatment of diabetes will be set about from 5 respects, it is drug therapy, alimentary therapy, kinesiatrics, diabetic education, monitoring of blood glucose, a link can not be done the diabetic regular treatment of section hospital well, will all influence and treat. May you recover as soon as possible!

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